Snorting promethazine

you can snort just about anything. it doesn't mean it's a good idea though. though i can't find any medical documentation in regards (nor did i expect to), i don't .

promethazine is an antihistamine in the phenothiazine family, commonly used for control of nausea and vomiting. It was once commonly used to increase the effects of .

Can you administer this drug: cracking open the vial 2.5mg/ml sterile 1 ml. by putting it in an inert substance anally like suppository to stop

Deliriant antihistamines . any recreational uses? -VIKE Reputation Comments on this Post: misleading title . lol Snorting promethazine maybe not . A friend came up to me asking .

What is Promethazine w dm syrup? It is a cough suppressant in syrup form. The full name is Promethazine with Dextromethorphan Syrup. It is u. view more.

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Promethazine treats a couple of different things. It has been used to treat nausea, motion sickness and various types of allergies, and anap. view Snorting promethazine more.

Drugs Question: Can You Snort Promethazine? U could but it wouldnt do anything

Drugs Question: Is It Bad To Snort Promethazine? Are you just responding to yourself to try and get someone to say something because you need comfort in snorting a .

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Top questions and answers about Promethazine Abuse. Find 9 questions and answers about Promethazine Abuse at Read more.

noun Pharmacology . a phenothiaxine derivative, C 1 7 H 2 0 N 2 S, used for the symptomatic relief of allergies and in the management of motion sickness. Origin: 1950 .

What will happen if you snort promethazine? ChaCha Answer: You should never snort any of your medication take as prescribed by a doct.

Originally Posted by Synku If you are talking about any oxycodone or anything that . Originally Posted by Synku If you

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